Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chinook CT80c for Apple IIc

I have seen a few discussions on the internet about the elusive Chniook CT80c for the Apple IIc, but in all those discussions there never seems to be any photographs of the device.   I figured now was the time to display some shots of the device that finally provided an external hard drive to the closed system Apple IIc.

The Chinook CT80c, like it smaller cousins, the CT20c and CT40c were external based hard drives that connected to an Apple IIc and IIc+ computer using Apple's Smartport protocol.  The drive could be daisy chained along with 3.5" UniDisk drives and 5.25" drives, albeit the 5.25" drives needed to be last in the chain.

This is an external view of the CT80c.  The case was made of a sturdy all aluminum shell.  There were two LED's, one for power and one for hard drive activity.  My hard drive activity light burned out so I replaced it with a yellow LED.
This is the back side of the CT80c.  I originally had serial number 0100102, but that drive was DOA on arrival.  Chinook gladly sent me another drive before I even returned the first.
This is the hard drive side on the inside of the CT80c.   They used Conner drives and this one was a CP3100 which is actually a 104mb drive, not a 80mb drive.   So I actually ended up with 20mb more of space once I partitioned it.
This is the circuit board side of the CT80c.  Notice that it had a 6502 processor, Hyundai 8K x 8-bit CMOS SRAM, 120ns, and a Zilog Z0538010PSC SCSI processor.
Here is a closer shot of the circuit board.

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